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Unwanted, At Only Three Weeks Old, A Tiny Orphan Needs The Love And Attention Only A Mom Can Provide

Only three weeks old and weighing less than a pound he was surrendered at the vet hospital, unwanted and unloved.

Kim Downie’s husband happened to be working when the tiny kitten was brought in. Taking pity on the forlorn little feline he brought him home knowing right away what this kitten needed, lots of love and attention.

What Kim’s husband didn’t know at the time was that is what, Skywalker, as the kitten was named, was going to get exactly that from a highly unlikely source!

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

The couples Golden Retriever, Mojito, took to Skywalker the kitten right off the bat!

“She went right to giving him kisses. Luckily, he didn’t mind. He loved cuddling with her right away,” said Kim.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Mojito took over where Skywalkers Mom had left off. He was cleaned on a regular basis and snuggled whenever he wanted.

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Found orphaned and alone this tiny kitten was desperately in need of some motherly love!

She wanted to help, soon, however, they both found themselves in quarantine!

Best of all he was quickly introduced to Bird TV for the very first time.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Before meeting Skywalker, Mojito had already become friends with another cat named Vader. She had followed Vader around the house until he had no choice but to give up on hating dogs. Even allowing her to bathe him!

Now Mojito is overjoyed to have another cat in the form of Skywalker to lavish all her well-intentioned doggy attention on.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Skywalker loves his Canine mama and doesn’t mind the constant affection.

“I do think sometimes he thinks she’s his mommy. Mojito is very loving. She’s a therapy dog and absolutely loves doing her visits. Skywalker is just super goofy,” said Kim.

Mojito is very protective of her kitten.

She keeps him in her arms all the time.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

She bathes him and cares for him like a mother would.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Skywalker never naps alone.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

As Skywalker grew bigger, their bond only got stronger.

Look at that big thumb!

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

One of their favorite pastimes is to watch Bird TV together.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Nap time equals cuddle time.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Mojito has a lot of love to give. When she spots an animal or human in need, she runs to their rescue, licks their face and holds them with her paws.

Skywalker adores his Canine Mama and can’t get enough of her love.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

It’s been seven months since they found each other. The two buddies are totally inseparable.

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

When Skywalker was three months old…

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Skywalker and Mojito now!

“Some things never change (except his size!).”

Photo Courtesy of Kim Downie @mojito_rose


Skywalker loves attention 🙂

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