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After Losing His Mom He Is Forced To Go Through The Dumpsters And Trash Cans Just To Survive

Having lost his Mom and his siblings a tiny black panther has no choice but to try and survive on the streets on his own!

After being dumped or separated from his Mom a fluffy little black panther kitten is forced to try and survive all alone.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

He has had no choice but to search through dumpsters and trash cans to survive.

Luckily he is found by Robin Selput a kind man who takes care of street cats in his Russian city.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

Robin had come across the little guy while out making his rounds of all the strays he cares for.

At first, Robin is greeted with a hiss but after a quick pat, the kitten realizes the strange man is no threat and starts chatting away.

And when I say chatting away I mean meowing almost non-stop with very loud meows.

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His jaw broken he is found wandering the streets all on his own unable to eat!

Pint-sized, just skin and bone and riddled with fleas, this micro-kitten is found wandering the streets all on his own!

Knowing how hungry the poor little guy must be Robin got out some soft food he started chowing down front feet and all.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

Still talking he even tried to meow through mouthfuls of food.

After that the little black panther fell in love with this kind human, and to be honest, Robin probably couldn’t resist his cuteness.

Screenshot via YouTube/Robin Seplut

He began following Robin everywhere, seeking protection from some of the other stray cats who were less than kind.

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