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Underweight, Dehydrated And Severely Anemic, He Was Fighting For His Life. All She Could Do Now Was Cuddle Him Till He Fell Asleep.

They were so malnourished, their immune systems so weakened, their continued survival was touch and go.

Incredibly malnourished, Winston was brought into the Feline Hope animal shelter in Kitty Hawk, South Carolina, along with his siblings. Right away they could see how malnourished he was, so weakened, he was teetering on the brink along with two of his siblings!

Michelle Martello, a volunteer with the shelter heard about the tiny orphan’s plight and rushed to do what she could, hoping to save at least some of them.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Martello

“When she got there early the next morning, two kittens had passed,” said Lita Katulski of Feline Hope. The surviving kitty, Winston, was fighting to live. He was estimated to be around 2-3 weeks old but was only the size of a newborn.

Now on his own, Winston, however, was still stubbornly clinging onto life. Underweight, dehydrated, and severely anemic from an infestation of fleas, they covered his matted fur. After lots of baths to take care of the parasites, Michelle began syringe-feeding the sick kitten. Even cuddling with him till he was sound asleep, letting him know he was no longer alone.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Martello

It’s unclear exactly what the little kittens had been through. But whatever the truth was, there was now only one kitten left fighting for his life. With a weak immune system, it was touch and go.

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Rescued from the streets, half the size of her littermates she was in rough shape.

Following their distressed cries, in poor shape, they had literally been found just in time.

But Winston was a fighter and was not quite ready to give up! When he started to decline, Michelle rushed him to the emergency clinic where he was given fluids and medicine in a bid to keep alive.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Martello

“He is still with us this morning and we were able to make it to the vet for another shot of fluids. He has brightened but we will not make the mistake of an early victory dance,” said Michelle.

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