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Weak And Malnourished, Barely Moving, Locals Said He Had Been Lying In The Same Spot For Hours

A tiny homeless kitten somehow appeared to become wedged into a gap in a wall and become trapped!

However, upon closer examination rescuers found he was sleeping. What was clear though was that he was probably sleeping due to being extremely malnourished and weak.

He had been lying there for about half a day according to locals and been had been seen wandering the neighborhood in previous days looking for scraps.

Hoping she was not too late he was taken to his rescuer’s home where he received a thorough examination.

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Lying on the side of the road, her eyes sealed shut she cries in pain!

Blind, he was completely helpless and totally unaware of the huge danger he was in!

Apart from starvation and associated extreme malnutrition he was otherwise OK.

She was told however, he would not have survived very much longer. She had in all likelihood saved his life.

He was given treatment for parasites and his first good meal in a long time.

She knew he was going to be OK when his energy started returning and he began to play.

Over time he was nursed back to full health.

No longer having to sleep on the side of the road anymore. Now he sleeps on a nice soft blanket in the embrace of a loving home.

Watch the video below, it’s sad at first, but the ending is quite wonderful!

H/T and YouTube/AnimalSTEP.

They Soon Lose Their Fear When They Realize They Are No Longer Alone, That That Someone Loves Them. He Treats Them All As If They Were His Very Own.

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