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Seemingly Uninjured, He Finds A Kitten Crying In Pain On The Side Of The Road!

Finding a kitten crying in pain on the side of the road he expected to find physical injuries! But there were none?

A Good Samaritan finds a kitten crying in pain on the side of the road. Expecting to find physical injuries he gave it a thorough examination, but there were none? So why was it crying in pain?

Some readers may find the following images disturbing!

Screenshot via YouTube/Cordylobia Anthropophaga

He immediately takes the poor little guy to a vet for a check-up to see if they could find out what was wrong. The vet immediately found the culprit of the young kitten’s discomfort.

Screenshot via YouTube/Cordylobia Anthropophaga

It turns out it was suffering from a parasitic worm known as the Mango Worm. The gross worm had burrowed through the kitten’s fur into its skin to suck its blood.

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No one would touch him let alone go near him, then she heard his cry for help!

Not only disgusting the infestation is also painful.

Screenshot via YouTube/Cordylobia Anthropophaga

The 1-month old cutie is now in good condition and won’t suffer any long-term consequences. We’re just happy that it was found on time – no one deserves to be in such pain.

Screenshot via YouTube/Cordylobia Anthropophaga

Watch the examination in the video below, but only if you have the stomach for it:

H/T to the

All Alone, Lying On A Tree Stump In The Middle Of Nowhere With No Mom To Protect Her, All She Could Do Was Cry For Help!

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