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He Comes Home Only To Find 5 Very Wet Abandoned Kittens In His Bed?

When a male duck finds a litter of abandoned kittens in his bed he does something completely unexpected. Something you wouldn’t expect a duck to do let alone a male duck?

There are lots of stories out there on interspecies adoptions. It’s not unusual to hear about dogs adopting kittens, or cats adopting anything from puppies to squirrels, bunnies and even skunks.

But I’ve never read anything about ducks adopting kittens? Chickens yes, if a chicken is particularly broody she will adopt just about anything!

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But not ducks, and especially not male ducks.

But a duck named Harry is about to change all that. When he found a litter of five very cold, very wet abandoned kittens in his bed!

A bit perplexed at this sudden change of events Harry wasn’t sure what to do?

To find out what happens next click 2 below!

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