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Starving, He Clearly Hadn’t Had A Meal In A While. The Main Concern Though Was His Seemingly Deformed Back Legs

They found him in their back yard, there seemed to be something wrong with his back legs so they called for help!

A kitten was found starving in a backyard in Ridgewood, Queens, New York last summer. His legs appeared to be constricted.

When they found the frail kitten in Ridgewood, Queens, New York the residents contacted Jacqueline, a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer, for assistance. Upon arriving at the scene Jacqueline found he suffered from a congenital condition that created a deformity in his hind legs.

It was clear he hadn’t had a meal in a while, he was so frail, though with a little encouragement he began to eat. Now in a home environment, with some food inside him, he began to perk up.

Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline @kittyriottnr

He was just six weeks old and weighed less than a pound, but what he might lack in size, he more than made up with his delightful personality. Rolling over and purring like a well-oiled engine any time Jacqueline was near.

Soon he was taken in by Fuzzy Butt Rescue And TNR, a rescue group in New York City. Their role was to find the little kitten a foster home that would provide around the clock care and much needed physical therapy to help with his legs.

Photo Courtesy of Dina @speck.tacular

Dina, a volunteer with the group was called upon and stepped in to help. Once she saw his pictures it was love at first sight. The friendly little feline was an instant hit with his new family and quickly settled in, exploring his new home with what use he still had from his hind legs.

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He went missing for four days and somehow during that time, paralyzed he dragged himself home.

Paws deformed and his eyes sealed shut, he drags himself into her yeard looking for help!

Despite his limited mobility he never seemed overly concerned by it, doing his best to keep up with his furry friends.

Photo Courtesy of Dina @speck.tacular

As he grew, an adorable pair of very cute feline fangs began to appear, adding even more to his overall cuteness factor. Dina gave him the name Specktabular or just Spect for short.

Since he arrived at Dina’s Speck has been receiving regular physical therapy sessions, including water therapy.

However, he was losing more and more mobility in both his front and hind legs!

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