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Horrified When He First Saw Him, He Couldn’t Turn His Back As So Many Others Had Done And Walk Away!

After finding a cat in such terrible condition he couldn’t turn his back and walk away, he felt compelled to help.

Imgur user Jimbohere recently shared a story on the social media site regarding a cat he had rescued and wanted to help.

What was so shocking about the story was the terrible condition Chataro was in when Jimbohere found him, and then the amazing transformation that took place.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Jimbohere

Chataro’s condition was quite simply heartbreaking, once Jimbohere had rescued him he took the poor cat to a veterinary hospital for immediate treatment.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Jimbohere

“The first shot was taken 8 days after he arrived.”

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No one wanted to go near him, then she heard his cries for help!

Shocked by his terrible condition they were even more shocked when he opened his eyes!

“It was taken during treatment for all kinds of skin infections and parasites.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Jimbohere

Despite all the hair loss, Jimbohere could see the glorious color Chataro was and what a magnificent cat he could be if he fully recovered.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Jimbohere

He eventually lost about 90% of his hair!

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