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Hiding Out In A Playground, He Knew If He Could Just Get His Hands On Her He Could Change Her Life!

After coming across a defenseless kitten in a playground he knew she needed help right away.

The playground was in quite a dangerous area being right next to a busy freeway

After hearing her pitiful meows Brad knew he could change her life. Many people had already past her by and made no effort to help her. Brad was not one of those people, he knew how much she wanted someone to help her, she needed him.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

Catching her was not going to be easy, though she needed and wanted help, she didn’t trust humans. So Brad went home and got some water and some food in an effort to gain her trust.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Crazy Cat man

Over the next few days, Brad delivered the food and water and slowly the tiny orphan began to trust him.

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He gradually moved closer and closer to her each day she came to eat.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

Until on the third day she approached with no hesitation at all and he was able to grab her with no issues!

She didn’t even blink an eye as he held by the scruff of the neck.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

By the time he got home, she was all over him, purring up a storm.

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