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Always Sitting In The Same Spot He Can’t Seem To Accept The Reality He’s Been Abandoned

Living on top of the mountain, locals always find her in the same spot, waiting for her family to come back for her.

The people they like to walk in the area have named her Nabi, feeling sorry for her they often bring her food, knowing she will always be sitting in the same spot, refusing to leave.

Screenshot via Klub

Very friendly, she is not the least bit afraid of people and is quite happy to be petted or stroked.

Even so, feeling sorry for her, every now and then someone will pick her up and try to take her down the mountain in an attempt to give her a home. She always struggles and gets away, resuming her lonely vigil in her favorite spot on top of the mountain.

Screenshot via Klub

Some of the locals got together and decided to bring a vet up to visit her and give her a check-up. They discovered two things, one is that Nabi is around two years of age. Two that Nabi is not a she, she is actually a he.

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Day after day she returns to the very same spot she was abandoned after her family dumped her a year ago.

After he finds a box of kittens dumped on a trash heap, one by one he carries them home.

The vet also said that Nabi always comes back because he had once had his own family. Also pointing out that well-meaning people were giving him too much food which had meant Nabi had put on too much weight!

Screenshot via Klub

Sadly it was obvious what had happened, Nabi had been left there by his humans, abandoned. He was waiting for them to come back and get him.

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