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Each Day He Got Closer And Closer, Soon Eating Food Right Out Of His Hand! Maybe, Just Maybe, He Could Be Adopted?

Soon Odin found himself back at his least favorite place!

So, Chris Poole, Odin’s rescuer had to take him on yet another visit to see a vet!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Chalky’s Cat Crusade

“It turns out that he has a thickening of the bladder wall and is going to be on special food to help him out.”

After all his up and downs good news finally came in the form of an adoption by his Mom to be Jamie Kern who had fallen in love after seeing his very first post on Chris Pooles Facebook page.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Chalky’s Cat Crusade

Odin quickly settled into life in his new home with Jamie and his new cat brother, Marvel, who had also had a somewhat difficult life prior to being adopted by Jamie.

Marvel was a bit hesitant at first, but now both he and Odin like to spend their days just chilling and hanging out together.

Photo Courtesy of Jamie Kern

Odin’s life has gone from one of hardship and just trying to survive to one of love and luxury. Something I think we can all agree he very much deserves.

Photo Courtesy of Jamie Kern

Thank you to June Albert and Colleen Drury, Odin’s foster Mom’s. And also to Nicole at Chalky’s Cat Crusade for everything you did for Odin. Also to Odin’s savior in the form of Chris Poole for taking him off the streets and helping him put his first paw onto the road to the life he deserves.

Watch a slightly carefree Odin release his inner kitten:

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Clearly In Pain, She Could SeeĀ The life He Had Lived Was Written All Over His Face!

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