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Each Day He Got Closer And Closer, Soon Eating Food Right Out Of His Hand! Maybe, Just Maybe, He Could Be Adopted?

After earning his trust he befriended the scruffy-looking stray, ending up changing his life forever!

For Chris Poole, aka Catman Chris, it was another day doing what he loves most, rescuing stray cats and kittens when he met a scruffing looking stray at a mobile home park in Tampa, Florida.

Down on his luck, this stray was missing an eye and had a very swollen head, Chris could see he needed immediate medical attention.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Chalky’s Cat Crusade

Chris began making regular visits, and when the stray cottoned on to the fact there were regular meals to be had he began to make regular appearances. Each time allowing Chris to get that little bit closer.

Wanting to see how much the stray would trust him, Chris decided to see how close he could actually get and brought a can of Tuna. This proved to be too hard to resist!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Chalky’s Cat Crusade

Each day Chris got closer and closer, right to the point where the stray summoned up the courage to eat right out of his hand! This was a huge turning point because it meant this boy could possibly be adoptable.

“The pirate kitty let me get close, feed him tuna and even let me pet him last night. I’ve been getting closer each day while he’s eating, then decided to try luring him even closer with tuna and it worked a treat,” said Chris on his Facebook page!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Chalky’s Cat Crusade

Chris was successful at trapping his new friend the very next evening, deciding to name him Odin. He got in touch with Nicolle Thompson, founder of Chalky’s Cat Crusade, to see if she could take him and plans were made to take him to a vet ASAP.

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She may have had only one eye left, but with it, she saw exactly what she wanted.

“Who could resist that big ol’ head? He is at Harmony Vet Care getting neutered and having his big swollen head and missing eye addressed,” Nicolle said.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Chalky’s Cat Crusade

After recovering from surgery Odin was on his way to his new home with his foster Mom June. It turned out that one of his eyes had ruptured so it had to be removed. He had very bad teeth which will have to be dealt with over the next couple of weeks.

He is also FIV positive which is not too much of a big deal. As long as he is kept healthy he can still enjoy a long life. And the swollen face? Nothing wrong there either, it is just his special look.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Chalky’s Cat Crusade

The next few weeks were not great for Odin, he had many of his teeth removed including his fangs, which along with being fractured were also loose. The poor boy must have been in so much pain. As you can imagine, after surgery he was in recovery mode and not in the best of moods. Cat Man Chris paid him a visit and got a few swipes for his trouble.

“I went to visit Odin yesterday and got some nice scratches and pets in,” said Chris.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Chalky’s Cat Crusade

After Odin’s infected and damaged teeth were removed and he had recovered sufficiently he moved into a new foster home with Mom Colleen to help him be further socialized.

He seemed to be settling into indoor life really well. He even got caught letting his inner kitten out when playing with a catnip toy.

Photo Courtesy of Jamie Kern

After all of Odins’s surgeries and treatments, you would be forgiven for thinking he was probably sick of visiting vets. And you would probably be right, however, Odin still had another hurdle to cross when he was found to have a slightly hard belly.

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