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Has This Cat Used Up All Nine Lives?

This young cat definitely needs to be rescued, though she is in no mood for it that’s for sure.

The fire department was called to rescue a black cat stranded atop an air conditioning unit on the sixth floor of a high rise building! The panicked cat, far from feeling relieved, misread their good intentions and scrambled to get away.

The owner of this cat has lots of cats in his/her apartment, there have been lots of complaints about the smell! Perhaps that’s why this cat ended up outside, I doubt its a pleasant experience being locked up with so many other siblings in such a tiny space.

It is not hard to see why she is absolutely terrified, being 6 to 7 floors up an apartment building with a strange man trying to grab her, she wants to get as far away as possible from her would be rescuer. It looks likes she got out through an open window, one thing is for sure once outside she could not get back in, so someone called the fire department.

I know people like this cats owner have good intentions by wanting to take care of so many cats, but in this case, it has clearly got out of control. 40 plus cats in a tiny apartment put way too much stress on the animals, no wonder this little girl wanted out. Apparently, she is not the first to fall.

And don’t worry, though shocking to watch, this story does have a good though dramatic ending. She was slightly injured on the landing, and hurt her tail, but she will make a full recovery. I just hope she is re-homed with a loving owner and does not end up back in that environment. Watch what happens when the cat eventually falls down! It is shocking!

Watch the rescue attempt in the video below:

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