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Half the Size She Should Be, She Is Found Trying To Survive On The Streets, Limping With A Badly Bent Paw!

Found on the streets limping with a badly bent paw it was clear she needed to be rescued. One thing they soon learned was she sure had a lot to say about it too!

A stray kitten was found on the streets of San Jose, California, limping with a badly bent paw. In need of immediate medical attention, rescuers reached out to Saving Grace Rescue, San Francisco, for assistance.

Amber Rose, the founder of Saving Grace, arranged transport for Dash to get her into her foster home.

Photo Courtesy of Saving Grace Rescue

From that moment the very first thing they all learned was that this particular kitty sure did have a lot to say.

Not only talkative, with Dash the volume was always turned up too!

Photo Courtesy of Saving Grace Rescue

“The LOUDEST ball of fur we’ve ever had,” said Joyce, a volunteer of the rescue.

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This very talkative kitty was given the name Dash.

Photo Courtesy of Saving Grace Rescue

Soon after arrival Dash was taken the vet where she engaged her purr engine into full gear while she was being examined. She was found to have a numb paw, meaning she had suffered an avulsion that damaged her ulnar and radial nerves.

“Her right paw may be bent but she can use it to climb on a tree and into our planters! And she tells you all about it.”

Photo Courtesy of Saving Grace Rescue

Quite the conversationalist, she enjoys long talks and makes sure she is near humans letting them know what she wants. No, as an answer, is not an option.

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