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Going Up The Stairs He Could Hear A Kitten Crying!

Somehow, she had survived.

The tiny kitten was taken for treatment right away. Officer Pataky went to visit her a few days later to make sure she was OK, ensuring she would go to a home where she would get all the love and attention she had been missing. When he saw her he decided that that home would be his.

Photo Courtesy of Yonkers Police Department

He told The Journal News that he figured, “You know, she’d be better off home with me,” and went on to explain, “You just feel it… this was the right thing to do.”

Now, the cuddly black kitty — with yellow eyes, big ears, and a white patch on her chest — has a home with Pataky, his fiancé, and a 6-year-old gray cat who is also a rescue.

Photo Courtesy of Yonkers Police Department

The new furry family member has yet to be named; they want to get to know her a little better so they can pick something that’s purrfectly fitting.

“I want to get her settled in and see her personality and see her quirks. I’ll come up with something in a couple of days,” Pataky explained in the story. In the meantime, and to the couple’s delight, the kitten seems to be making up for lost time with extra snuggles.

Photo Courtesy of Yonkers Police Department

“She’s in my fiancee’s lap and she’s loving life right now,” he said in the story. “[The kitten] walked around real quick, [then] my fiancee sat on the floor and the cat walked right over to her and plopped in her lap and hasn’t left yet.”

Way to go above and beyond, Officer Pataky! We’re so glad there’s a happy ending for this little kitten and her new family.

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Born four days after her siblings, things for her were very much touch and go!

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