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It Must Have Been So Exciting Going Up, But Getting Down Is Another Story! As Soon As Mom Sees What Is Going On She Seems To Know What To Do!

We all know how dedicated Moms are when it comes to take care of children. Cat Moms are no exception to this rule, especially when it comes to teaching your kitten not what to do!

In this situation we have a very cute kitten stuck quite high in a tree. It must have been quite exciting going up, but getting down is another story.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheLilyot

Mom is not too far away, and when she discovers the situation (with a little encouragement) she climbs up the tree to move her baby to a slightly safer location.

She makes a b-line straight for her kitten and grabs her by the scruff of the neck and manages to drag her slightly lower.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheLilyot

However her kitten is not having a bar of this treatment and once Mom releases her she only climbs higher.

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Summer is in full swing and cats and kittens are ripening in the trees. Soon they will be ready for harvest and its going to be a bumper crop.

Dehydrated and starving he was trapped in a tree. By the time he arrived at the hospital he was no longer moving.

Then she moves higher still.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheLilyot

Mama cat follows and still doesn’t manage to get her kitty down so she retreats down the tree.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheLilyot

All’s well that ends well and we see the kitten manages to get down all by herself.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheLilyot

But of course it was her mother that gave her the know-how and the confidence to scale down the tree.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheLilyot

It still shows that mother cats are awesome and will do anything to keep their little ones out of danger.

Screenshot via YouTube/TheLilyot

It also shows that little kitties learn fast!

See what happens in the video right below:


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