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From Filth To Fluff, A Tiny Kitten Is Rescued From The Baking Hot Confines Of A Dumpster!

One thing people may want to think about in central Florida is the sun beating down on the dumpsters lining the roads and alleyways.

The July heat turns them into ovens, baking hot they cook everything dumped inside.

This being the case a teacher in Pinellas County was surprised to find a young kitten crying for help, still alive after being discarded and left to his fate in the baking trash.

Photo Courtesy of Erica LaPerriere / Purrfect Match, Inc.

Knowing that while he was still alive now, there was no way he was going to last much longer. He rushed the tiny kitten to a local rescue group in the hopes his life could be saved.

Even the rescue group thought perhaps the damage had already been done!

Photo Courtesy of Erica LaPerriere / Purrfect Match, Inc.

Due to vomiting and diarrhea, he had lost a lot of his bodily fluids and was refusing to eat.

Covered in fleas he smelt awful, so as well as a much-needed bath he was given a name, Yogi.

Photo Courtesy of Erica LaPerriere / Purrfect Match, Inc.

Yogi was transferred to a foster Mom who soon saw he was exhibiting symptoms that gave her cause for concern. Working a full-time job meant she couldn’t give him the care he really needed.

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After he loses his Mom he forced to go through the dumpsters and trash cans just to survive.

Two kittens are found together, abandoned in a dumpster, supporting each other as they fight for their lives.

Worried he might be suffering from Panleukopenia, or “Panleuk,” Yogi was transferred to a medical foster. Someone who could give him the medical care he so desperately needed.

Photo Courtesy of Erica LaPerriere / Purrfect Match, Inc.

Now clean and tidy Yogi found himself in the care of  Purrfect Match Inc of Sarasota, and the home of his new Mom Erica LaPerriere. She provided the very ill kitten with around the clock care and attention, as well as a test for Panleuk.

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