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He Was Found With An Arrow Lodged In His Head! Worse Still, It Had Been There A Week!

Valentine’s Day meant something completely to a shelter racing to save the life of a cat on that very day!

“Cupids arrow” and many of its associations with Valentine’s day had very different meanings for rescue staff trying to save the life of a badly injured cat with an arrow lodged in his head.

About the only meaning that remained true that day was love. In this case, the love of an animal. A cat that had been found by a West Virginia rescue on February 14 in very poor condition after he had been shot in the head by an arrow!

Caution this article contains graphic photos.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Animal Welfare League of Arlington

The poor cat still had the arrow poking out of his skull. The only thing that made it worse was that they found it had probably been lodged there for around a week!

How it happened is probably something we will never know. Was it an accident, or had some sick individual shot the cat intentionally for sport? However it happened, the rescue needed help, they had neither the funds nor skills to save the cats’ life.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Animal Welfare League of Arlington

All the could do was make him as comfortable as possible while they reached out to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington for assistance. Soon he found himself on the way there for emergency surgery.

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What amazed everyone was how resilient he was despite everything he had gone through!

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Animal Welfare League of Arlington

“Despite the immense amount of discomfort and pain he must have been in, he started to purr every time someone talked to him, making biscuits and asking for chin scratches,” AWLA wrote on Facebook. “It was then that we decided to name him Cupid.”

Vets gave Cupid x-rays, and found a ray of hope: while the arrow spread all the way to his shoulder blade, it did not puncture any major organs or arteries.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Animal Welfare League of Arlington

It was finally time to remove the arrow from Cupid’s head.

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