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Found Orphaned And Alone With Nowhere To Go.

Found outside all alone, with no Mom insight, she was an orphan. So when she met him she took her chance and never wanted to leave.

Earlier this month a very young kitten was found outside in San Jose, California, it was clear she was orphaned and alone. She was taken in by Mini Cat Town a local rescue group which picked up the kitten from a shelter.

Once a few days of regular bottle feedings had passed, Laura Malone of Mini Cat Town decided to foster the little tabby. She was welcomed into the home of her and her boyfriend, and Burberry, as she was named settle into a new life.

Photo Courtesy of Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Once she found Conor she crawled to her foster dad’s neck, and it was there that she wanted to stay. Conor loves animals and seems to have a connection with just about every orphaned kitten that comes through their door.

“Burberry is such a quiet, calm baby kitten. She really responds to touch and nuzzles in like a cuddle bug,” Laura said.

Photo Courtesy of Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Burberry always gravitates toward Conor, enjoying cuddles with her foster Dad. Either in his arms or right in the crook of his neck where she will fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

Having no siblings means that Laura makes sure that Burberry is well socialized, getting extra attention.

Photo Courtesy of Laura @fosterkittyfamily

If there is a vacant lap she will claim it as her own, the same goes for vacant shoulders, where she will climb right up nestle in and nod off.

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Always entertaining, whenever she is around everyone smiles.

Photo Courtesy of Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Burberry is her foster dad’s little bodyguard. She may be tiny in size but has a big heart. However, it was felt she would do much better with a kitten her own age.

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