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Clearly In Distress He Lay On The Sidewalk As Everyone Just Walked On Past

On his way to the store, he came across a street cat in distress!

On his way to pick up some kitty litter, one of the rescuers from Flatbush Cats came across a very distressed street cat.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Flatbush Cats

Given he was so dirty and not cleaning himself, it was clear he was in some distress.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Flatbush Cats

This was confirmed when he saw how lethargic and out of breath this cat was.

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Having lived his whole life on the streets, he found the cat buffet hard to resist!

Awakening to the sound oh her voice the street cat sauntered on up to her.

Covered in scars, he was not at all well. He had been lying there while everyone walked on by. Local children the only ones to take an interest in him.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Flatbush Cats

Just to be safe he asked around the neighborhood to make sure this cat did not belong to someone.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Flatbush Cats

After finding out the cat was a stray, he also learned he had been living in the neighborhood for about seven weeks.

Screenshot via YouTube/ Flatbush Cats

Not wanting to leave the cat where he was, the kind-hearted man rushed home for a cat carrier and some cat food.

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