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Found On The Back Of A Pick-Up Truck In The Freezing Rain

While out walking a group of people found three kittens on the back of a neighbors pick up truck in the freezing rain. They waited for Mom to show up but there was no sign of her. It was freezing so something had to be done!

They were brought inside and the vet was called. One, in particular, was in a very bad way, absolutely saturated, not moving at all, not making a sound, and so so cold. There was barely a heartbeat, it looked like this little one may not make it?

They took the kittens home and after about 20 minutes of cuddles, snuggles, and hugs, to everyone’s relief, she cried for the very first time. The other two were a different kettle of fish moving and crying right from the get-go, but now instead of just two moving and crying kittens, there were three moving and crying kittens.

“They were starting to dry, but they were all still freezing cold. So one of the rescuers turned a heating pad on low under the blanket and covered them up. Gave them more snuggles and rubs, until they were up to an appropriate body temperature!”

Thank goodness they were found just in time. Now, these tiny kittens have a new home with a loving family to take care of them and to give love too!

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