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They Were Found On The Sidewalk, Curled Up Against The Cold, Struggling To Stay Warm

They were found on the sidewalk, huddled up together, trying their best to keep warm.

It was clear two kittens who were huddled up together on the sidewalk were struggling to stay warm, so concerned neighbors in Brooklyn, New York immediately contacted Infinite Hope Animal Rescue for help.

Though very timid, the freezing pair refused to move, so it was relatively easy for the team to pluck them off the sidewalk and take them to safety.

Photo Courtesy of Infinite Hope

“It was after we caught them that we realized their faces look different,” said a representative from Infinite Hope. “The vet who examined them said that it is a chromosomal abnormality — a feline version of Down Syndrome.”

The orange tabby was also found to have a condition called entropion. This is when an eyelid rolls inward against the eyeball. He was also very noticeably shy, constantly seeking his sister for reassurance.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle @theparsonspets

His little sister, a torbie, was by far the braver of the two and gave him the comfort he sought by way of lots of cuddles.

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All of her siblings found good homes, but not her. Called many cruel names, no one wanted her.

Perfectly healthy, they sent him to be put down just because of the way he looked!

Her brother would later get much-needed eye surgery to relieve the pain and keep constant infections at bay. he was soon nursed back to health by his foster Mom, his little sister never far from his side.

Photo Courtesy of Infinite Hope

At around the same time, Michelle Parson was surfing Petfinder when she happened to come across two feline siblings, a brother and a sister. Having just lost her beloved cat of 10 years she didn’t feel ready for another cat, however, the two siblings kept popping into her head.

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