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Found Dragging His Rear Legs After A Strange Injury. Giving Him A Home Was Not Going To Be That Easy

When they saw a post on social media regarding a special needs kitten they soon fell in love, wanting to adopt him. However, it was not going to be so easy!

Wyatt was a paralyzed kitten, adorable yes, but his care required much more attention to detail than a regular kitten.

He was found at only four weeks old dragging his legs behind him due to an injury sustained around his waist. He had multiple sores covering the region! Mom was very attentive, still bringing him food, doing her best to care for him. A vet soon found he had a spinal injury that left him incontinent with his hind legs paralyzed. His brother, found at the same time, was missing a leg!

Photo Courtesy of @little_warrior_wyatt on Instagram

No one could find out what had happened to the siblings to cause such extensive wounds. They could have been abused, or quite simply caught in some machinery in the industrial park where they were found.

“I originally saw Wyatt’s picture on Chloe’s account and it was the cutest picture of him in a sock onesie and a tiny diaper,” remembers Amelia. This was when the couple learned Wyatt and his brother had been rescued from an industrial park in Missouri by St. Louis Pet Rescue in July 2017.

Photo Courtesy of @little_warrior_wyatt on Instagram

Wyatt’s brother was soon in his forever home, poor Wyatt, however, was not having such an easy time of it. Most would-be parents were probably concerned about the amount of care he would require. Amelia and Alex had no such concerns, they followed a lot of special needs cats on Instagram and felt quite comfortable adopting him, at the same time knowing full well his bladder would need to be expressed multiple times a day.

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Paralyzed and near death her only thought was on protecting her kittens.

He went missing for four days, somehow during that time, paralyzed, he dragged himself home.

They contacted Wyatt’s foster Mom via social media, to learn more about his routine as well as to express their interest in giving him a home. This was followed by a phone interview where they, unfortunately, learned that other families had expressed interest prior to their call. Not only that, but they also learned these families were based in St. Louis where Wyatt lived.

Photo Courtesy of @little_warrior_wyatt on Instagram

Wanting the best for Wyatt, the couple, who live in Denver, decided to back away. They wanted what was best for the tiny kitten, feeling at least in St.Louis he would be close to his foster family and his vet. They communicated this back to Wyatt’s foster Mom only to learn the other couples had fully backed out. That’s when they learned Wyatt could possibly be theirs forever!

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