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Found Cowering Under A Bus, As Soon As She Knows She’s Safe The Fear Melts From Her Eyes, All She Wants Is Cuddles

Cowering in the bus wheel well she had been hollering for her Mom and was too frightened to come out!

Earlier in May, staff working for a North Carolina transportation company found a kitten cowering under a bus. The tiny stray must have been starving because he didn’t mind being picked up by workers one bit.

Staff then called local rescue group, Sparkle Cat Rescue, for help.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

“The day we rescued him we looked under all of the buses and around the buildings, and there was no sign of another cat or kitten,” said Brittany of Sparkle Cat Rescue.

However, just a couple days after finding the first kitten the rescue received another call from the transportation company regarding another kitten they had found. This time it was a tiny calico found crying and cowering inside the wheel well of a bus.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

A volunteer with Sparkle Cat Rescue, Stephanie, high tailed it to the bus and found a very dirty, equally timid kitten hiding out at the top of the wheel well. Very shy, she was too afraid to come out of hiding.

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Terrified she is covered in hot grease and hangs on for dear life!

Petrified she clings on to the rear axel!

“I believe she spent a long night alone there before being found. She was hollering at the top of her lungs when I arrived to get her after an employee contacted us,” Stephanie said.

Photo Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Knowing the wee girl was probably just as hungry as her brother had been, Stephanie went back to her car to get some food. She soon returned talking very gently to the timid kitty, encouraging her to come out.

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