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Only One Week Old She Has Been Left Behind By Her Mom, Bleeding On Their Lawn!

One morning a family finds a one-week-old kitten, left behind by her Mom, completely helpless, bleeding on their lawn.

As it was a Sunday they could not take her to a local vet as all the local clinics were closed. So they took her inside still bleeding and kept her warm, doing their best feeding her via a syringe minus its needle.


The main cause of concern was the blood around her eyes which were not yet open, there was also blood around her mouth.

Now the only thing they could do was pray she would survive the night and take her to the vet in the morning.

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Found abandoned in her garden, he was one very sick kitten.

Found on their doorstep, she appeared completely lifeless, not even breathing!

So this tiny kitten they would eventually name Penny was taken to the vet, his prognosis was not good.


Her mouth was badly injured, resulting in the quizzical but cute expression she now has. Also, she was very weak but they took her home, gave her lots of love and care

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