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For The First Time In Her Short Life, She Found Herself On Her Own! Not Knowing Where He Was She Cried Non-Stop.

When her brother passed away she suddenly found herself alone. Not knowing where he was she kept crying and crying.

A volunteer for Kristin Cat Haven WA, Australia, Kristin Loh took in two rescue kittens in need of foster care, a sister and her brother.

In very bad shape they were half the size they should be.

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Loh

Unfortunately, the little boy Tommy lost his fight for survival, while his sister Ciara, for the first time in her short life, suddenly found herself all alone.

She cried non-stop for Tommy.

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Loh

“I thought maybe I could socialize her with my dogs so she would feel better,” said Kristin.

The time came to introduce the tiny feline to her canine crew, and the most beautiful thing happened. Ciara ran straight to the dogs, rubbing up against them.

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Loh

She had just wanted friends with fur to snuggle into.

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Running to them for help they soon found he was not alone!

Along with her brothers and sisters, she is left for dead at just two days old!

Gucci the Pomeranian, in particular, stood out from the rest of the pack and started giving Ciara a good wash.

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Loh

Ciara was the complete opposite of the day before, clearly, in love, she melted into the Pomerainias thick fur.



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