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Having Found Him In The Late Stages Of A Downward Spiral, They Are Worried They Might Be Too Late?

An animal rescue group in New York has developed a reputation for never giving up on a cat. When you read this cat’s story you will understand why!

Champ had been living a tough life on the streets of Queens, New York, and was in the late stages of a downward spiral when he attracted the attention of Little Wanderers.

Plucking him from the streets they found he had a laundry list of issues. These included infected teeth, thyroid issues, lethargy, anemia, high white blood cell count, tapeworms, roundworms, and to top it all off, fleas.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/champlwnyc

One thing this senior cat still had going for him though, was a strong will to live.

He was originally thought to be feral. But after weeks of emergency treatment at the hospital, along with lots of TLC, a sweet side began to emerge. The staff there began to see that this senior street cat had some potential.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/champlwnyc

Champ was sent to be fostered with a wonderful foster mom in the form of Noelle, who also saw his potential and knew he needed a chance.

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Each day the senior cat got closer and closer, to the point where he was eating food right out of his hand!

Rescuers hope for a recovery, however, your was not on her side!

Champ moved into the laundry, where he did his best to appear invisible. Noelle hoped with some gentle persuasion he might come out of his shell.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/champlwnyc

That’s what began to happen one day When he appeared out in the open reclining on the hutch shelf.

With lots more TLC from Noelle and her partner, Brian, as well as treatment from a forward-thinking vet for his thyroid issues, Champ’s physical issues began to subside. Little by little more of his personality began to emerge too.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/champlwnyc

The big breakthrough came when he ventured out into the open!

“Our (basically) toothless buddy, is finally venturing out in the open without wedging himself into a corner or under a thing… We’re so excited, said,” said Noelle.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/champlwnyc

That’s not too say he didn’t find another favorite place to hang out.

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