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Their Chance Of Survival Was Slim To None, She Knew Someone Had To At Least Try!

Born to a stray Mom in a shelter two tiny special needs kittens fight for their lives!

Rachel Lienemann the director of Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue is contacted about two special needs kittens that have just been born to a stray cat at a local animal shelter.

Unfortunately by the time, Rachel arrived one kitten had already passed away, but one was still hanging in there, fighting for his life.

“We take in special needs animals throughout Texas. We focus on the underdog,” said Rachel. “He has a cleft in the front of his hard palate, a unilateral cleft lip, and he was born without a functional nose and is most likely missing his right eye.”

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At just two days old she is left for dead!

Meowing constantly for her Mom she is placed in a warm place in the hope Mom will come back.

Rachel knew that time was of the essence, so she immediately began tube-feeding the tiny life around the clock. That very first night, he put 0.7 ounces and was given the name Voldemort, Voldy for short.

Rachel added: “I kept telling myself, ‘if he lives through the first 24 hours, I will be more hopeful.’

Then it became if he lives to be a week old, I’m sure he will make it.”

Voldy seemed determined to live up to Rachels hopes, he moved around his bedding, meowing whenever he wanted to be fed.

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