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Too Young To Be On Their Own She Knew They Needed Help. But How Many Feral Kittens Can You Hide In A Rock?

Rescuers received a call about some kittens that needed rescuing. The interesting thing was one kitten appeared to be hiding inside a rock!

JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick from the Hope For Paws (HFP) nonprofit rescue organization were out on a rescue when they are approached by a stranger who had some kittens hiding in her garden.

The kittens were feral and the woman knew they needed help!

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The two rescuers agreed to help the woman and decided to check out the situation. They found one kitten was hiding in a rock in the woman’s succulent garden.

Unfortunately right next to a thorny cactus.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The kitten looked to be in good health but its Mom was nowhere to be found.

JoAnn and Katie decided to see if the could rescue the tiny feline. It was young enough to leave its feral ways behind and become socialized. They would need to proceed with caution though.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

It was clear the were terrified so the rescuers wrapped the cloth around their arms to prevent injuries from sharp little claws.

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He knew he could help her but first, he needed to catch her!

Starving hungry and very frightened she was found abandoned, crying for her Mom!

Carefully reaching inside the hole in the rock they managed to grab the kitten.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

But wait! There were more!

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