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The Runt Of The Litter, He Had Stopped Eating. She Was Told He Was Not Worth It.

So tiny he couldn’t compete with his larger siblings, he was also very ill. The future looked bleak for this runt of the litter.

That’s when Brownie, as he was named, met Justina Stumilaite. The current owner tried to dissuade her, saying, “he’s the runt of the litter, he’s not worth it.”

But Justina took pity on the tiny ball of fur, not really knowing what he would grow into if he survived. She brought the runt of the litter home with her.

That’s when she soon learned there was more to him than immediately met the eye. On his right paw, he only has two toes!

Brownies’ previous owners had thought he wouldn’t make it, so ill he had even stopped eating. As it turns out they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Due to Justina’s love and care, Brownie bounced back and soon began to thrive in his new home, his personality began to shine too.

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Barely hanging on, listless and lethargic no one though this kitten would survive!

So tiny and fragile, she found him in her garden. What she did next probably saved his life.

Very friendly he followed his new family everywhere, no matter where they went or what they did. More loyal than a dog, he turned into Justina’s “most loyal companion,” even giving her kisses.

Then he did something nobody really expected.

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