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After Hearing Her Voice A Tiny Kitten Ran Out, Running Straight Toward Her, Starving, Dehydrated And Crying For Help

Hearing a noise coming from some bushes she calls out and a tiny kitten emerges, running right toward her meowing for help.

Cassie an animal lover from California was cleaning out the stables on her farm one day when she heard a strange noise? Coming from some bushes near the stable it was faint but definitely sounded animal-like?

“I heard a weird noise that I first thought was a bird, but it ended up being tiny meow’s screaming for help, this is what I found,” said Cassie.

Screenshot via YouTube/cassieland .ca

As she got closer she soon realized what the noise was, they were tiny meows.

Walking closer and calling out soon a tiny kitten ran out, meowing her little heart out crying for help.

Screenshot via YouTube/cassieland .ca

Cassie took the tiny calico into her arms and the kitten immediately made her way to Cassie’s neck for a cuddle.

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Starving hungry and very frightened she was found hiding under some branches crying for her Mom.

Completely helpless a newborn kitten is found all on her own under some bushes. she would need a mother’s milk if she is to survive.

Cassie could see that she was extremely thirsty because when she turned on the hose to fill her a bowl of water the kitten was already drinking the water that fell onto the floor.

Screenshot via YouTube/cassieland .ca

While the kitten was drinking Cassie grabbed a can of cat food a bowl with soft food.

Once the Calico had drank her fill she quickly moved on to filling her empty stomach. It was immediately clear that as well as being thirsty she was equally hungry too.

Screenshot via YouTube/cassieland .ca

The kitten was incredibly emaciated and covered in fleas, so Cassie took the little feline home to clean her up once she had finished work.

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