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Abandoned He Needed Reassurance, When He Found His Way To Her Neck He Made It Plain He Wanted To Stay!

With his dead sibling by his side and Mom nowhere to be seen, his prospects were not looking good.

Exposed to the elements, he was completely on his own, his dead sibling lying beside him. Mom was nowhere to be seen? With her gone, all he could do his meow for help.

Thankfully just as things seemed to be going from bad to worse he was found by a kind-hearted woman who rushed to a local Arizona rescue center, Animals in Need, or RAIN for short.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

Time being of the essence a new foster Mom was found for the struggling kitten Rescuers were hoping they were not too late to save the little souls life.

Melinda Blain, a highly experienced foster Mom, stepped up to the plate to do all she could to give him a chance. He was given the name Mety.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

Melinda has saved many lives in her time as a foster Mom, but even she was surprised at Mety’s small size!

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Abandoned and alone, along with losing his siblings he had also lost his sight!

Hungry and alone he has been dumped on a trash heap and left crying for his Mom!

“He’s one week old and only 100 grams. He’s definitely on the small side for his age,” she said.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

He clearly loved cuddles though, as soon as he was safely in her arms his purr engine was turned on and he began to snuggle into her hair.

“This little cute cow baby was dropped off with me this afternoon and he’s just the sweetest! He was found with his sibling who had already passed away and no mom nearby.” But he has a strong appetite and did an awesome job of latching,” said Melinda.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/bottlebabyfosters

One thing Mety wanted to do was make up for lost time, because as soon as he began to eat he quickly became a champion at it.

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