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After Choosing Him, This Determined Siamese Pawed At The Glass Every Time He Walked Past!

When he opened her cage she knew what she had to do!

“We knew she was the one because she jumped right into my boyfriend’s arms, and wouldn’t stop purring,” explained the girlfriend.

Photo Courtesy of reddit/sarapefasthorse

The couple visited her every day while they were waiting for the adoption papers to go through and they both knew they had the right choice, the bond between them grew. They decided to name her Pork Chop, “she responds to her name and it is so her,” said the young man’s girlfriend.

“She has made herself very comfortable in our forever home. She loves snuggling and exploring and she’s very vocal and talkative to everyone.”

Photo Courtesy of reddit/sarapefasthorse

Pork Chop loves her new life with her new family, especially her dad, whom she chose from the first moment she saw him.

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She found them in her garden, so tiny, born premature, they were barely hanging on to life.

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