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After Choosing Him, This Determined Siamese Pawed At The Glass Every Time He Walked Past!

She saw he worked in a nearby store, so whenever he walked passed she did her best to win his heart, pawing at the glass as if saying take me, take me!

A beautiful very determined Siamese was taken to an adoption center at a Petsmart store, not a place she wanted to spend to much time at, she saw a young man who worked at a nearby store. She knew right away he was the one, so she did her best to win him over.

Photo Courtesy of reddit/sarapefasthorse

When he was at work the man would always pop in to talk to the cats up for adoption. This is when the very friendly Siamese would do her best to stand out from the other cats, pawing at the glass each and every time walked passed.

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“Take me, take me,” she seemed to be saying.

Photo Courtesy of reddit/sarapefasthorse

He didn’t stand a chance, she had made it her mission to win him over, and soon he found himself at Petsmart with his girlfriend, introducing her to one very determined very persistent Siamese kitty.

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