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Dumped Starving Kitten Goes From Stealing Chicken Pellets To Living In A Bubble In A Very Short Space Of Time!

So hungry it was trying to steal chicken pellets out of the chicken run he set about trying to trap it.

Ross Nolly was outdoors in Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand, during the early days of the country’s covid-19 lockdown when he saw two small kittens on his Stratford, property.

“One was so hungry, he was trying to pinch the chook pellets out of the feeder,” said Ross.


He could tell they were starving so Ross set about trapping them. He got his possum trap and placed some goat meat inside it, then placed it near the chicken run.

15 minutes later, voila, one kitten was caught, one to go!

Ross, who is self-isolating at home on his own had no plans on getting another cat as he has two already, Bob and Poppy, who are both 16 years old. But this little kitten soon won him over, quickly changing his mind on the issue.


“It’s a very smoochy little kitten, I don’t know how anyone could throw it out.” I don’t think it was a wild kitten, it was scared but not crazy scared and within 15 minutes when I put my hand out it was purring and kneading the rug I’d put in the cage.”

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He named it Rowdy because of its loud purr, and estimates it is just is seven or eight weeks old. The animal’s ribs and hip bones were sticking out when he caught it, but after three days of being fed four times a day, the kitten has started to lose its starved look, he said.

The other stray kitten he had seen was less fortunate – Ross found it dead in the hen run on Sunday morning after a very cold night.


“How could someone throw something out like that and let it starve to death? It’s pretty mean. We’ve always had cats and kittens dumped out here, probably because our road is close to town and there are quite a few houses along it,” he said.

“They turn up looking like they’ve come from a concentration camp, bony and emaciated.”

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