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Dumped On The Curbside With No Food Or Water. Who Could He Turn To?

This cat was dumped on the curb in Brooklyn with his litterbox and all his supplies but no food and water. His cries were heard by a passerby who unintentionally scared him away!

He was found on the curb with his litter box and all his supplies, with no food or water he had clearly been abandoned. When a caring passerby approached him a ran away.

The street sweeper scared the male cat off when he tried to help so Flatbush Area Team for Cats, or “Fat Cats,” as they are sometimes known has posted photos of the elusive feline on their Facebook page.

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They are urging people to please keep their eyes peeled for this poor boy who was thoughtlessly abandoned by clearly uncaring owners. Their post was so successfully many people actually turned out looking for the cat. He was not found but another stray was who is currently in Fat Cats care.

Seeing as though so many people concerned over the well-being of an animal they do not even know personally really should restore our faith in humanity – even just a bit!

To find out if they find him click next below!

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