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Abandoned In A Box Next To A Gas Station They Never Even Got A Chance To Have That All-Important Mothers Milk!

They were found abandoned in a box at a gas station by a Good Samaritan. So young they still had their umbilical cords attached. With no milk from their Mom, their future looked bleak.

These four dumped kittens had never had that all-important mothers milk to provide nutrition along with natural immunity, their umbilical cords still attached, rescuers went to work right away.

Doing what they could they worked around the clock feeding and watching over the tiny kittens.


However, three tiny lifeforms could not overcome an infection and passed away. Leaving one little fighter who was not quite prepared to give up just yet.

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With such severe dog bites to her head, they didn’t know how she was even still alive!

When it dropped, she just lay there, a once active kitten was now completely non-responsive!

Being the fighter he was the staff at Animals in Distress, Ipplepen, UK, named him Champ.


Continuing to feed him around the clock, they made sure every need he had was met with a caring hand, in the hope that he would make it.

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