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Soon After Being Dumped The Moma Cat Goes Into Labor, She Sets Her Alarm For 4.00 am Hoping To Save The Whole Family

When she heard she was in labor she woke up at 4.00 am to drive to the shelter and hopefully rescue her and her newborn kittens.

Amanda, founder of Kitten Rescue Life, Oceanside, California happened to be online one day earlier this week when she came across a post on social media regarding a pregnant cat that had been abandoned at a shelter and gone into labor.

The poor Tabby was in active labor and clearly needed rescuing. It was late at night when she read the post so Amanda set her alarm for 4.00 am the next morning to take the two-hour drive to the shelter when it opened.

Photo Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Amanda arrived to find the tiniest ball of fluff curled into its Moms belly, the first kitten had been born sometime during the night.

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After giving birth to four beautiful kittens she was asked to accept one more. Though he was very odd?

They knew she was a little odd, and when she gave birth she proved them right.

Mom was very proud, though also very protective of her newborn, calming him with purrs and regular washes.

Photo Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Amanda collected the new family and took them home, waiting a few more hours to see if there would be any new additions.

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