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They Dumped Him At A Shelter For Being Too Old! Who Could He Turn To Now?

Many of us would feel that having a cat as part of our family for over 20 years is a blessing. We would never consider taking him to a shelter for being too old!

This is what happened to Rascal. This deaf senior cat was dropped off at Spotsylvania Animal Shelter in Fredericksburg, Virginia “for being too old,” and “having accidents in the house.”

Courtesy of Spotsylvania Animal Shelter 

At over 20 years old is not quite sure why he is where he is? He is been with his family all his life, now he is in a strange place, all by himself! The shelter put out an appeal, hoping Rascal would not be left there for too long.

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Rejected by his owners he is dumped. However, soon he finds out what love is.

Stray weak and at the end of his limits, he asks her for help!

There was to be good news for Rascal as one kind-hearted lady happened to be online one night and saw his story! She decided Rascal would have a new home to spend his remaining years in.

Courtesy of Spotsylvania Animal Shelter

“I was scrolling last night and saw him. He just pulled on the right number of heart strings,”she said.

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