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Dumped By His Owners, Still Wearing His Collar, People Could See He Was Suffering Yet No One Would Go Near Him!

At some point in his life, he was dumped on the streets. Abandoned, he still had his collar on with no one to care for him an ulcer developed.

Please be aware some people may find the images in this article disturbing, read on at your own risk!

He had once had a family of his own, perhaps he was loved and cared for? Now however he finds himself abandoned on the streets needing help with no one to take care of him.

How it happened none of the locals seem to know? The main problem for him now is that an ulcer has developed and he is long overdue for medical treatment.

However, due to overwhelmingly bad smell, no one wants to go near him and the severity of the wound has gone beyond worsened.

The poor cat must be in so much pain!

Finally, someone saw the look of pain on his face and noticed how awful the wound was.

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Along with the smell of rotting flesh, he was clearly in pain with the ring stick firmly around his neck!

Severely emaciated and almost blind, despite the smell he thought they still had a chance!

Taking pity on the poor kitten they were moved to help and immediately took him to see a vet.

The vet cleaned the wound out and then applied medical disinfectant sprays to the affected area to kill bacteria.

This treatment would need to be continued for at least a month before he is fully recovered.

Four days after treatment his mood seems to have improved, the look of suffering gone at last.

He even looks stronger.

Then the wound had begins to dry out, a sign that he was going to fully recover. The best news of all that he is no longer in pain.

Day by day he gets stronger and stronger and his loving personality began to shine through.

Once he is fully recovered he will find a new home.

A home with a family that never abandons him and leaves him trying to fend for himself on the streets.

Thank you to the person who took pity on him and paid for his treatment. And thank you to the vet for ending his suffering.

H/T YoutTube/AnimalSTEP Official.

Dragging Her Crushed Foot Behind Her All She Was Doing Was Begging Anyone And Everyone She Met To Please Help Her!

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