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Dragging Her Crushed Foot Behind Her All She Was Doing Was Asking Anyone And Everyone For Help!

He didn’t want to leave her with just two legs!

It turns out one of her front legs on the same side of her body was paralyzed!

Screenshot Via YouTube- Vet Ranch

Not wanting to leave Pretzel with only two legs, Dr. Matt decided to alter his surgical plan.

Instead of getting rid of Pretzel’s entire back leg, he only amputated the part of her paw that had the dead tissue. This gave Pretzel a makeshift peg leg.

Screenshot Via YouTube- Vet Ranch

A week after surgery and Pretzel was finally able to walk! Albeit, a bit creatively. Dr. Matt’s call to turn the crushed leg into a peg leg worked wonders.

And while she still isn’t able to walk using one of her front legs, Pretzel makes due. She has been given the chance to be the fun, active, and special little kitten that she was always meant to be.

Screenshot Via YouTube- Vet Ranch

So special, in fact, that the clinic staff refused to send Pretzel to a foster home. Instead, Pretzel found her forever at the clinic where she became the official clinic pet!

In her new home, Pretzel has all the affection, love, and companions she could ever want!

Screenshot Via YouTube- Vet Ranch

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