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Dragging Her Crushed Foot Behind Her All She Was Doing Was Asking Anyone And Everyone For Help!

Everyday a poor kitten dragged her badly crushed rear paw around behind her, begging for help!

Begging for assistance, begging for someone to notice and do something to help her!

Weeks went by and finally, a good samaritan does notice and brings the poor kitten now named Pretzel to Vet Ranch clinic for an examination.

Screenshot Via YouTube- Vet Ranch

Dr. Matt the veterinary surgeon picks her up and recognizes what is wrong almost immediately!

At first glance, it looked like her leg had been crushed, he was right, but when he looked closer he realized it was much worse than that!

Screenshot Via YouTube- Vet Ranch

Not only was Pretzels leg crushed, but some of the tissue had also become infected and was rotting away.

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Her legs were so badly twisted there was no way she could ever survive on her own.

Having had both her front legs horribly mangled she hops her way into their home as well as their hearts.

How it had happened is not clear? Perhaps she had been hit by a car or something else with equally as much force? Whatever had happened Pretzel, would need surgery to save her life.

Screenshot Via YouTube- Vet Ranch

The only option Dr. Mat could see was to actually amputate Pretzel’s leg to allow her a better quality of life. At least that is what he thought until he also saw that it wasn’t just her back leg that was injured!

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