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He Lay On The Riverbank, Exhausted! Having Somehow, Paralyzed, Dragged Himself Through The City Streets,!

Paralyzed and exhausted he was found on the banks of a river after dragging himself alone through the streets.

One Facebook one day Kiriticka Khadka, a volunteer with For Animals Inc saw a video of a cat that broke her heart, so much so, that she desperately felt she needed to help him.

Back in 2017, Sylvester was found exhausted on the banks of a river near Kathmandu, Nepal. Covered in wounds and scratches he had dragged himself along the city streets.

Photo Courtesy of @sylvester_theblackkitty on Instagram

Originally from Nepal herself, Kritika knew Sylvester was going to have a very tough time finding a home due to his paralysis.

“I grew up learning that cats are not usually kept as pets and black cats represent bad luck,” explains Kritika. “While this is not true, many people still have this belief back home.”

Photo Courtesy of @sylvester_theblackkitty on Instagram

Because of his color and the condition he was now in, Kritica knew his best chance of finding a home would only happen if he was transported to the US or Canada.

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Paralyzed and unable to walk, all he wants to do is follow his Mom!

After letting him out one night, somehow, four days later he dragged himself home!

“I reached out to For Animals Inc.,” says Kritika, “and they supported me wholly and agreed to help him.”

Photo Courtesy of Kritika Khadka

The non-profit group helps cats and kittens in need of help all over New York City. They worked whole heartedly in conjunction with the rescue in Nepal and Sylvester’s foster Mom Reema to tick all the boxes required to fly the injured cat to the United States.

On November 15, 2017, Sylvest landed in New York where soon after he was examined by a team of professionals from For Animals Inc to discover the cause of, and see if they could treat, his paralysis.

Photo Courtesy of @sylvester_theblackkitty on Instagram

A scan revealed he had a fracture in his spinal vertebrae at T11 and T12, indicating some sort of trauma from a fall or from being thrown from a height!

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