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Furless From A Rare Condition She Finds Her Dream Home And Gets Her Fluff Back!

Only three months with a rare condition she had lost most of her fur, also diagnosed with ringworm they started her on treatment right away.

Elise Hall, a veterinarian from Illinois is part of a group who had loved and cared for a special cat named Porg. Porg had a rare condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic condition that causes the skin to become thin and extremely fragile.

Pork sadly passed away just last year, but his life had inspired Elise and her partner to help other animals with EDS. Not long after Porg’s passing, she heard about a kitten called Appa through a support page for animals with the same condition. A Selkirk Rex, Appa also has the same condition.

Photo Courtesy of Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

Elise wanted to meet Appa, so arrangements were made. After finally meeting her, the fragile feline quickly wormed her way into Elise’s heart. Both Elise and her partner fell head over heels in love.

“We immediately felt a connection, like we did with Porg, and knew we could provide her with the life-long medical care and love every animal deserves,” Elise said.

Photo Courtesy of Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

Soon after arriving Appa was given a thorough checkup and found to ringworm along with a heart murmur. She was started on treatment for both right away.

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Kitten with a rare condition has her dream come true!

The three-month-old kitten had lost most of her fur, though she still had one or two tufts on her lower back. She was given a scarf to keep her neck warm, and also to deter her from scratching her scars.

Photo Courtesy of Elise @porg_and_appa_the_glass_kitten

Her nails were kept trimmed on a regular basis to limit self-injury from constant scratching and her skin checked regularly as well, Sometimes Elise would place her in a protective suit to prevent any more injuries.

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