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Despite The Extreme Pain He Was In, When She Picked This Unique Kitten Up, He Purred

He was born different there is no doubt about that, he was a very unique kitten. But it was his deformed eye that was causing him so much pain and his rescuer’s so much concern!

Frankie and his brother were found hiding under a house in Geelong, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Both kittens, however, looked very different from one and other. One kitten very healthy, the other a very unique kitten, yet not so healthy as his brother.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Georgia Anderson

The first thing rescuers noticed about Frankie was his extra set of ears, but when they saw his deformed right eye, that’s what caused real concern. Seeing how much pain the stray kitten must be in, they knew if Frankie was to have any quality of life, it had to be removed.

The two brothers were taken to Geelong Animal Welfare Society, there due to his unusual appearance, Frankie’s fame spread. To say he made an impression on the shelter staff would be an understatement, they loved him. It was staff member Georgia Anderson who was most taken with Frankie, but not because of his appearance.

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Yes, initially his unique look attracted her, but it was Frankie’s loving nature that pushed her over the edge. As soon as she picked him up, despite the pain he was in, Frankie purred and rubbed his face into hers, that was it for Georgia.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Georgia Anderson

But Frankie was by now means out of the woods yet!

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