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After Running Up To Them Desperately Meowing For Help — She Is About To Take Him Inside When She Hears The Pitter Patter Of Tiny Paws!

A tiny stray kitten wandered up to a young couple’s home in West Virginia meowing for help.

“My boyfriend was outside when a kitten ran up to him from the alley next to our house. He was desperately meowing for help quite loudly, covered in dirt and fleas,” Hannah said.

Hannah and her boyfriend soon found that this little guy was not alone!

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

Hannah came out to see what was going on and saw the cute little meowing ball of fur. She immediately scooped him up in her arms and found him to be also purring non-stop. About to head back inside she then heard the pitter-patter of tiny little paws.

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After falling ill she came back, but this time she was not alone!

When he came back from his potty break he came back with a little friend.

“I turned around and noticed his sister coming my way, top speed. I picked her up and brought them both inside.”

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

The kittens were soon named Theon and Yara, Hannah found them both to be in pretty bad shape. They were literally riddled with fleas, the tiny pests were so numerous they could be seen crawling over the kitten’s tiny little bodies.

The kittens were given several baths to remove the unwanted guests and given what was probably their first meal in a long time.

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

Yara took to her meal right off the bat, however, Theon though was another story, he was struggling.

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