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Hearing Her Screams For Help They Find Her Dangling From A Piece Of String Wound Tightly Around Her Neck!

Found under a mobile home she was screaming for help as she dangled from a piece of plastic string wound around her neck and mouth!

Please be advised some readers may find the images in this story disturbing!

Hearing screams for help coming from under a family mobile home rescuers rushed to the scene and found a tiny kitten dangling from a piece of string that was wound tightly around her neck.

Rescuers realized not only would they have to rescue her, they would also have to prevent the rest of the cats in this colony from coming to a similar end.

Photo Courtesy of Friends of O’Malley Ally Cat – Tyler Rescue

Friends of O’Malley Ally Cat – Tyler Rescue hurried to release her as quickly as possible, eventually able to cut the string from around her neck and mouth.

Their hearts sank when the saw the horrific damage that had been done to her mouth so she was immediately rushed to a vet for emergency surgery.

Photo Courtesy of Friends of O’Malley Ally Cat – Tyler Rescue

Veterinary surgeons immediately gave her antibiotics for the infected tissue in her mouth and gums.

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She lay where she fell, once energetic she was now completely unresponsive!

Screaming in pain he finds a tiny kitten, seemingly uninjured screaming on the side of the road!

Tissue already dead from the loss of circulation was then removed.

Photo Courtesy of Friends of O’Malley Ally Cat – Tyler Rescue

Pus was cleaned from infected tissue to help Azula’s health could soon improve after such intensive treatment.

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