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He Was So Tightly Squeezed Into The Tiny Space And So Large He Couldn’t Even Clean Himself!

He loomed so large sitting in his little kennel, the only thing it appeared he could move was his eyes, and they seemed to be crying for help!

In the midwest, there is a group of animal lovers that regularly tour the area look for unwanted four-footed friends. In the main, they look for horses that need rescuing and or rehabilitation. However, the Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue based in the city of Mandan in North Dakota also runs a branch dedicated to rescuing cats.

This equine rescuing horse-loving organization also runs a project called kitty City. Since 2016 the charity has been rescuing cats that have, for whatever reason, fallen on hard times and are searching for their own forever homes.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kitty City

Out one day searching for likely candidates they happened to be in a shelter with a Tomcat so large he seemed to fill his tiny kennel.

The only thing he appeared to be able to move was his eyes, and those eyes seemed to be literally crying for help.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kitty City

The team had been at the shelter in 2017 to pick up a Moma cat and her kittens.

However, while they were there the Tomcat, named Pavarotti, had caught their attention.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kitty City

Unwanted felines arrive at Kitty City for all sorts of reasons, ranging from being saved from high-kill shelters to cats that are unwanted simply because they are older.

Pavarotti was a different case altogether he needed to be saved simply because his size alone could kill him.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kitty City

It’s not hard to see why – he’s as similarly plus-sized as his rotund opera-singing namesake.

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He’s hairless and he’s handsome, however, it is his size that has everyone talking!

He enrolls at Florida State University to undergone intensive training.

As they passed his kennel the team couldn’t help but see he seemed to be squeezed into the tiny space. Not at all healthy for a cat that desperately needed exercise.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kitty City

Pavarotti wasn’t just overweight, he was in fact massive!

Sitting in his kennel, he was peering out, hoping someone would rescue him from the confines of his cage.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kitty City

After they had seen him the team from Kitty City felt there was no way they could leave the shelter after seeing a cat with such an uncertain future.

In one day Pavarotti’s’ future had gone from dim to looking a whole lot brighter. If there was one cat that happened to be in the right place at the right time it was him. However, there was still much work to do.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kitty City

“He is utterly obese, he can’t clean himself,” said a spokesperson for Kitty City.

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