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Both Cats Were Quivering With Fear! He, However, Hid Behind His Friend Refusing To Let Her Come Near Him

His skin doesn’t heal properly and scars very easily, cowering in the corner hiding behind another cat, he wouldn’t let her come near him.

It’s hard to believe when she first laid eyes on him he was quivering in fear hiding behind his friend. He is six years old today and looks like a wise old man because of FCA (feline cutaneous asthenia), a condition where his body does not produce enough collagen for his skin.

This means his skin is extremely fragile, bruising easily, with little elasticity it also hangs loosely from his body. Other complications include easy scaring and he doesn’t heal as well as he should.

Photo Courtesy of Georgina Price

When she met Toby, Georgina and her fiance Christopher Lardner saw a cat cowering in the corner of his shelter behind another cat. Both cats were quivering with fear, they were petrified.

The other cat it turns out was Toby’s best friend Quinton who appeared equally as terrified as Toby.

Photo Courtesy of Georgina Price

Georgina fell in love with Toby right away, even though she couldn’t even touch him.

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She had first seen Toby on the RSPCA website and wanted to come to meet him right away.

Photo Courtesy of Georgina Price

When Toby and Quinton first came into the shelter they were in bad shape, Quinton even had to have all his teeth removed.

Both cats were found together, they had been through a lot, the shelter knew right away that both needed to stay together, which meant they need to be adopted together.

Photo Courtesy of Georgina Price

This didn’t bother Georgina, she had seen their scared somewhat sad faces and knew she had to try and give them a forever home.

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