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Cowering In Fear, A Terrified Kitten Hugs The Barrier In The Fast Track Lane As Traffic Speeds By

How anyone could abandon a kitten on the freeway is hard to understand?

Thank goodness there are still people out there who are willing to help. One such couple working with Hope For Paws happened to be driving into Los Angeles when they received a message regarding a terrified kitten trapped against the median barrier as traffic sped past in the fast track lane.

In order to get to the frightened animal as quickly as possible, they had to park illegally. All in all, it took them 45 minutes to get back to where the kitten was last seen.

They left their windows down for the dogs that were traveling with them and raced about 200 yards to where the kitten was.

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Driving home he thought he saw a small face trapped in the median barrier! It took him 25 minutes to return to the same spot!

He saves a life and it was only his first day on the job!

Thankfully when they got closer they could see it was still there.

Slowing down traffic so they could cross the freeway, other drivers were so considerate, slowing right down to let them pass.

Knowing the kitten was so petrified they decided to approach it from both sides.

Hoping to cut off any escape in case the kitten tried to flee.

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